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Why IBA – Aamal Mubtakara?

About us

Why IBA – Aamal Mubtakara?

IBA Aamal Mubtakara Advertising, which means initiative business in English, is a team of broadcast and media marketing experts founded in 2012.

An innovative leader today

Today, Aamal Mubtakara is probably the only advertising agency in Dubai to accept credit card payments as a payment option other than cash and cheques. We are also the first advertising agency in Dubai to introduce outsourcing jobs in the Philippines tailor-made and optional to clients with a tight budget. We are a pioneer agency to recently use the 360 °
camera. Get in touch to know more about 360 ° video production.


To be able to provide clients all their traditional and non-traditional marketing media needs and to be an innovator in the market.


To become the most trusted one-stop client resource for all marketing needs not only in the UAE but all of GCC by the end of 2020.

Combining the best of both worlds – Middle East meets West

We are a lean but highly efficient, qualified and talented team which makes us affordable and approachable to clients. Aamal Mubtakara consists of highly skilled creative staff. The team is comprised of both experienced creative writers and designers from the western countries (America, Australia, Canada and the UK) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to come up with the best creative materials for all types of companies be it an Arabic or British company. Click here to meet the team now.


Mustafa Hassan

Sales Director

Mustafa is a marketing media expert in Dubai and has worked with broadcast TV and radio stations in the UAE before joining the agency. During weekends, he loves to cook and barbecue with friends and family.


Rania Khorbatly

Corporate Services Manager

Rania earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from American University in Lebanon (LAU). She has worked her way up in the company when she joined IBA as Assistant to the Corporate Services Manager and today as the head of this department.


Czarina Angeles

Social Media Manager

Czarina has a degree in Communication Arts major in Advertising. She has ten years experience in social media strategy, website copywriting and digital marketing. She received mentorship and has worked in various countries including the US, Australia, Canada and the UK before joining IBA. Czarina loves books, cooking, yoga and the ocean.


Fadilla Aych

Sales Manager

Sarwat Khan

Sales Manager

Sarwat joined IBA a year ago. Before that, she worked as team lead customer care in Pakistan for 9 years.She has a masters degree in international Relations.Let's get it started! is her motto.To describe her nature we could say she is passionate,helpful and a excellent problem solver.


Mamta Sharma

Sales Manager

Mamta before joining the agency was an interior design teacher. She is an expert in Photoshop but she also loves sales. Mamta is hard worker and loves to go for long drives and cooking in the weekends.


Siraj Kareem

Admin and Accounting Manager

Siraj literally grew up in IBA joining the company at age 20 while still working on his degree in Accounting. He began with logistics and is now handling the accounting and administrative side of the company. If you want something done, Siraj is guaranteed to get it done – right and fast. Siraj loves cars and plays cricket and goes to the corniche with friends on weekends.



Designer & Video Editor

With more than 10 years of experience in the graphic design industry, Norlito handles his job with perfection and creativity


Jay Plaza

SEO and Web Designer

Let’s make your business viral. Let us do a complete online marketing audit for your business today.

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Address: Dubai Festival City
Sky Business Center Office M33
Ras Al Khor Rd. Al Badia Dubai

Office +971 4 2559193
Fax: +971 4 2559082
Mobile: +971 55 9763666
P.O. Box 33896 Dubai – UAE

Email: info@i-iba.com