أفضل وكالة تواصل إجتماعي

أفضل وكالة تواصل إجتماعي

تشير الإحصاءات إلى أن هناك 2 مليار مستخدم نشط في الشبكة الاجتماعية المسجلة في العالم. هل يمكنك تخيل مدى وصول إعلاناتك على الشبكات الاجتماعية ، في ضوء الحملة والاستراتيجية الصحيحة؟
نحن نقدم حملات إستراتيجية وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية تناسبك و تناسب جمهورك المستهدف. نقوم بالبحث – للعثور على الكلمات الرئيسية ذات الصلة بعملك قبل كتابة المحتوى. نحن نتعامل مع إدارة وسائل الإعلام الاجتماعية والإعلان عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي عبر جميع وسائط التواصل الاجتماعي

Most of our social media packages come with unlimited commercial photography of real pictures.

Social media marketing (SMM) through the years has evolved as quickly as Facebook redesigns their user’s timeline. Social media strategies reinvented overtime. Social media marketing now is not the same as it was before. Due to the fact that your target market is slowly becoming educated about the social media tactics in social media marketing. Social media marketing for your company is not the same as the way you would with own personal social media. Because your friends do not have the same level of expectations as your target audience.
We have a set of standards in running our client’s social media marketing.

Our Social Media Marketing Services Overview:

  1. 1Social media marketing strategy

    that is aligned with the client’s brand marketing strategy. Send the message in a tone and manner that the brand’s target market is able to relate to. It may be even in the target market’s language if possible or English would be more effective.

  2. 2Identify the brand’s social media marketing weakness (es)

    and recommend the right solutions.

  3. 3Identify the brand’s social media marketing strength (s)

    and maintain or even increasing it.

  4. 4Social media marketing content creation

    creative directions are based on the client's approved social media marketing strategy. This is to ensure client satisfaction. Our content is always brand centered at the same time user centric. This is to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and their target market.

  5. 5Regular posting and management of social media marketing content

    After our social media marketing content is approved, we will also do the leg work for our clients.

  6. 6Content Calendars and Social Media Advertising Management

    Based upon careful research of the best time to post for the brand followers we will ensure a social media marketing calendar is monitored for your social media marketing campaign. These days when social media networking companies going public profit is priority. Thus, it started the death or decline of organic social media postings. At IBA – Aamal Mubtakara we can effectively manage your social media advertising budget and maximize the reach of your budget.


Social media marketing is a strategy wherein the return on investment (ROI) takes little bit more time before we can see the results. That is why your relationship with your social media agency must also be for a long term basis. Take a few extra steps in hiring your next social media agency. Here is a checklist that we believe may help you nailing the right social media agency for your company.

√ How long has the social media marketing company in operation in Dubai? 
Note: The Dubai niche is a very unique market compared to the other markets. It is so diversified that segmenting your target market may have a variation. Therefore, your new social media agency must be experienced in sending your message to a multicultural and extreme market. This checklist is also for determining the stability of the agency. You don’t want your agency to disappear into thin air after you made your down payment.

√ Check the social media agency case studies of their past work. 
Note: May not necessarily mean in the same industry or your product or services niche. The more the merrier. Because this means the social media agency is versatile. If they have clients in the same niche check their content and see if you think your target market will be able to understand and relate to content they are creating. Check the creativity of the execution of their content.

√ Make several meetings and get to know the team
Note: Check how easy it is to deal with them. Are they proactive? Are they helpful? How do they treat you as a future account?

√ RFQ or Request for a Quote and thoroughly study their proposal
Note: After a thorough briefing, identifying (if there are) any challenges you are facing with social media marketing, identifying your target audience and what would you like to achieve utilizing social media marketing. Ask them to come up with a clear yet general and brief social media strategy. Ask if they are willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for your company’s trade secrets. Lay out all your conditions working with a social media agency. Find out if the social media agency will meet your conditions at least 80% of all your terms.

√ Ask for a free trial.
Note: You may ask the bidding social media agency if they can provide you with at least one month content just to try and experiment the response of your social media followers with their content.

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Dedicated Account Manager
For every projects we have a dedicated account manger to make sure that project is done according to clients requirement
Affordable & Cost effective
We are affordable as we don't have fixed charges for our services.We create package according to clients requirement
Robust & transparent reporting
We hate false promises hence we deliver what we promise and that too with data driven monthly reports
Quality Services & Experience
With more than ten years of experience in advertising industry we don't rush for clients as we prefer quality over quantity
Access to Add on Services
We are a full fledged digital marketing agency in dubai. Our clients always have access to all our services to start with a free trial.
No Hidden terms & conditions
All our clients will enjoy complete flexibility and there wont be any hidden terms and conditions unlike other advertising agencies in dubai.

At IBA – Aamal Mubtakara most of our retainer accounts were won by providing a free online audit and a month free trial of social media. Contact us for a free trial today.