Statistics show that there are 2 billion recorded active social network users in the world. Can you imagine how much your ads on social media can reach, given the right campaign and strategy?

We provide social media strategy campaigns tailored fit for your target audience. We do the research – finding the keywords relevant to your business before writing content. We handle social media management and social media advertising across all social media platforms.

Most of our social media packages come with unlimited commercial photography of real pictures.

Social media marketing (SMM)

through the years has evolved as quickly as Facebook redesigns their user’s timeline. Social media strategies reinvented overtime. Social media marketing now is not the same as it was before. Due to the fact that your target market is slowly becoming educated about the social media tactics in social media marketing. Social media marketing for your company is not the same as the way you would with own personal social media. Because your friends do not have the same level of expectations as your target audience.
We have a set of standards in running our client’s social media marketing.


  • Social media marketing strategy

    that is aligned with the client’s brand marketing strategy. Send the message in a tone and manner that the brand’s target market is able to relate to. It may be even in the target market’s language if possible or English would be more effective.

  • Identify the brand’s social media marketing weakness (es)

    and recommend the right solutions.

  • Identify the brand’s social media marketing strength (s)

    and maintain or even increasing it.

  • Social media marketing content creation

    creative directions are based on the client’s approved social media marketing strategy. This is to ensure client satisfaction. Our content is always brand centered at the same time user centric. This is to achieve a win-win situation for both the company and their target market.

  • Regular posting and management of social media marketing content

    After our social media marketing content is approved, we will also do the leg work for our clients.

  • Content Calendars and Social Media Advertising Management

    Based upon careful research of the best time to post for the brand followers we will ensure a social media marketing calendar is monitored for your social media marketing campaign. These days when social media networking companies going public profit is priority. Thus, it started the death or decline of organic social media postings. At IBA – Aamal Mubtakara we can effectively manage your social media advertising budget and maximize the reach of your budget.

Work process

Research of Social Networks
Strategy Development
Launch of advertising campaign
Analysis and conclusions

"IBA- has been our office neighbors for over 7 years now. They have helped us with our FMCG products' social media management and content such as photo shooting and video production, and they have always delivered on time. We are happy with their quality work and efficient service. "

- Suliman Halbouni -

Ever since we signed our contract IBA provided the highest quality products and services with evenbetter client service. Deliveries are often received earlier then expected.

- Tarek Moukaied -

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