5 Features of a good website

Website is a window through which the customers can sneak into your business ideologies, authenticity, and credibility just to mention a few. It plays the role of an interface between your business and the customers. Website has started playing a crucial role lately in the sustenance of most of the businesses today. Online presence has become equally important as physical importance. Yes there can be a debate that social media has changed the dynamics, however nothing can take away the credit which a well-designed website holds for a successful business.

Ecommerce has conquered the world of business and is here to stay. Any technology that makes human life easier is destined to succeed. In ecommerce, website design is equivalent to how a shop is maintained, decorated etc. for physical business. However, physical businesses today have been preferring to show their online presence through websites. Huge number of people using internet all over the globe has changed the business trends. Most of the businesses want to use internet to target potential customers and to intrigue them to hire their services and/or buy their products.

To fulfill the purpose of an effective and useful website, it has to have some basic characteristics which we are going to discuss here:

It must be Attractive!

Consider a shop with dirty walls and poor ambiance. Will anyone buy from there? No. Same is the function of a website to an online store. Therefore, a website has to be attractive. Attractive platforms always attract people to visit and offer a chance to get converted into a potential customer. To make the website attractive, there are the graphic designers and website developers who work collaboratively to make sure that the website plays its role in luring the customers and converting them into potential buyers.

User Friendliness

Making website attractive and appealing doesn’t demand loading it up with complex features and functionality which makes it tough for the users to navigate through it. An appealing and effective website must be user friendly. A website should be easy enough for a layman to navigate through it. Customers will leave the website if it is difficult to navigate for them. Customers come from different understanding levels and not all of them understands internet and websites as others. Most of the customers if not all prefer simpler websites with a friendly interface.

Quality Content

Another important thing which lures and retains a potential customer is quality content. Content is written by specialized writers keeping in mind the uniqueness and originality. It must not be copied or inspired from any other website. Content management and content marketing are separate fields of expertise in the digital marketing field. The quality content of a website means that it is to-the-point and intriguing. Most important function of a quality content is to market the website to assure that the website tops the search results in the search engine. This is done by placing the right keywords at the right places.

Is it readable?

One of the very important questions website designers need to keep asking themselves while designing a website, is to keep the website readable. A website design must include the right color scheme, grading, placement of text and other technicalities keeping in mind that the text must be easily readable.

Is it responsive?

Smart phones have opened up another dimension. People now use internet mostly on their phones instead of computers. Hence, along with basic websites, businesses are also moving towards responsive websites. A responsive website is the one that has a flexible layout and adjusts its size according to the device’s screen size.

A website design needs to be futuristic and simple at the same time. The futuristic elements in a website design will show that business means business and is up to date with the latest trends and technologies, but at the same time it needs to incorporate the fact of user friendliness, readability and other basic functions which a website is supposed to perform.

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