Do you know the impact of Meta on your Facebook ads?

Do you know the impact of Meta on your Facebook ads?

The first thing you need to know is 19 January 2022. It is the date when Facebook will roll out changes the way we do targeting on our ads. Facebook has updated its announcement in December and confirmed the date when this new rollout will be implemented on Facebook ads. How will this affect your campaigns? There will be an impact especially, on the medical sector which is about 85% of our clients.

What will be removed on January 19?

Targeting options in the detailed targeting of the Facebook ads center for the following references:

What should you do?

According to the updated article on the Facebook blog:

“We’re providing you advance notice of this update so you can begin to plan for your campaigns, although no immediate action is required at this time.”

But this makes me feel like panicking “no immediate action is required at this time” if not now when? But according to the blog, we should not go panicking and start editing. We should avoid doing edits on our targeting segments. Ads with a saved audience before 17 March 2022 will continue to run but will no longer be available for duplication after the 19th of January.

What will happen after March 17?

The saved targeting will run from January 19 until March 17. That is when the removal of these targeting options is completed. You will not be able to edit them and will have an error message.

“Error code 100, subcode 18157520: Cannot Use Invalid Detailed Targeting Options: Some of Your Detailed Targeting Options Have Been Removed: This ad set includes detailed targeting options that are either no longer available or unavailable when excluding people from an audience. You may need to remove items from your ad set or confirm the changes to turn it back on.”


Facebook said that the best ad experience is personalized. They want to have as much as possible the best match. This is the irony of what they are about to roll out. However, they say that many are taking advantage and abusing these targeting options. What do you think? How will this affect your Facebook ads? Let me know in the comments below.

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