Social Media Advertising and the surging anguish in Meta: What we should realize?

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Social Media Advertising and the surging anguish in Meta: What we should realize?

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about Mark Zuckerberg’s rebranding Facebook as Meta. Now, several social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram will be under the umbrella of this new thing called Meta.

What is Meta?

In this virtual reality space, we (users) are avatars who can interact like in the natural world and expand this virtual universe through several decisions and interactions. Many articles are gearing digital SEO marketers for marketing in the era of Meta, primarily as so much of the advertising business depends on social media platforms such as Facebook.

How will Meta affect the digital advertising industry?

Don’t worry too much. We’re here to tell you: Meta is detrimental to advertising revenues on social media—and this decline is to the SEO marketers’ advantage.

Already, stock prices for Meta have dropped significantly after an article revealed that a new Apple privacy clause would essentially make personalized ads on social media less accurate and effective. As of this writing, Apple has already made it impossible for platforms like Facebook to retrieve user information on Apple devices.

This privacy clause is a disaster for an online advertising industry such as Facebook, which prides itself on delivering personalized ads. We’re looking at a massive loss in that part of the digital marketing industry. But while this could spell the end of personalized social media marketing, the potential decline of Facebook advertising can open so many opportunities for us SEO marketers.

Google gains over the struggle of Meta

We’re now entering an age where, more than ever, companies will be redirecting their advertising efforts to optimizing SEOs and making sure their sites are up on that first page of a search. The digital advertising industry goes back to the basics with ad revenues on Google earning way more than ads on social media platforms.

But SEO mechanisms no longer work the way they used to. Constantly – yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, in the next hour, perhaps –, search engine tracking mechanisms and ranking systems are changing. One minute, you’re on the top of the first page of search results, and the next, you’re barely on the first ten pages. And this might not be as easy as simply collecting user data through different social media platforms and creating targeted ads. With the decline of effective Facebook advertising, we cannot simply put all our eggs in one (digital) basket; it’s time to expand to or return to our SEO roots.

Let’s go back to organic roots. How SEO can help in this situation?

Review your SEO fundamentals. Get back on track with how reviews and data analytics work and get updated. Know how search engines process information – and most importantly, keep up to date. Contact us at IBA if you need a primer on effective digital marketing on Google.

The digital marketing team at IBA promises to help you in all aspects of marketing your business. After all, in the age of Meta, Google advertising is the new norm. Fortunately, we have long been working on mastering Google and its algorithm for a long time. Get a free one-hour consultation today.

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