Why Do Websites Need to be Responsive?

Why Do Websites Need to be Responsive?

Why Do Websites Need to be Responsive?

n 2015, Google rolled out a search engine algorithm update that included mobile presence (or the ability to translate well in mobile) as part of a website’s requirement to rank—this was known as the Mobilegeddon. For this reason alone, all businesses should always be mobile-first in terms of website design. If Google disavows your site because of a lack of mobile responsiveness, your business likely won’t show up in search results—and that would mean a significant loss on revenue.

A Responsive Website is Mobile-Friendly

A website needs to be user-friendly across all devices—desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. For it to be user-friendly, it needs to be responsive. A responsive website can change its layout based on the device used to offer a more enjoyable viewing. It needs design elements such as readable text without zoom-in, no horizontal scroll, and adequate space for tap targets.

4 Reasons Why Your Site Needs to Be Responsive

Aside from the Google algorithm requirement, there are five reasons why your website needs to be responsive. We at IBA Advertising recommend having a mobile-first mindset when developing an online presence.

1. Your website will have a better SEO ranking

One of the most important reasons for having a mobile-friendly website is getting search engine ranking improvements. As we have already mentioned, if your site is still not mobile-responsive, it will automatically be demoted or placed lower in search engine results.

2. For overall better and consistent user experience

As more people shift to mobile for online browsing and shopping, the more they need a better mobile experience. You want people to have a good impression of your website, and you want it to be easy to use to convince them to come back. If your site automatically responds according to the device it is accessed from, and buttons work cohesively for tapping, customers are more likely to stay longer and visit more often. This translates to better chances of conversions.

3. For faster website load time

People tend to abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load content. Responsive websites load faster since they are built with responsive images and fluid grids.

4. Time and onsite content management costs are decreased

Maintaining separate sites for your mobile and non-mobile audiences is expensive. If you plan your website with a mobile-first mindset, chances are upkeep and maintenance costs will be further reduced down the road. It is easier to maintain a website with a foundation that is already responsive than to upgrade an existing design that is not responsive in the first place.

Stay ahead of the competition with a mobile responsive site designed by the best web design company in Dubai.

Surprisingly, there are still company websites that are not mobile-ready these days. Make sure to stay ahead of the competition by having your website designed by our talented web development team. IBA is a website design company in Dubai specializing in web design, development, and maintenance. Contact us today for a consultation.

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