10 Tips About SMS MARKETING IN DUBAI You Need to Know


You Will, Thank Us - 10 Tips About SMS MARKETING IN DUBAI You Need to Know

Wondering how to do SMS marketing in Dubai? More people are relying on mobile phones for information. your company must know how to make the most use out of SMS advertising in Dubai. Lucky for you we, as an SMS marketing company in Dubai, know exactly what to do. Here are 10 key things to know about SMS marketing:

1. Send a welcome message.

Upon getting new subscribers, do send them a warm and friendly welcome message. It is a reminder of their subscription and makes them feel important.

2. Send short messages

Because SMS is easy to access and will be tempting to blast subscribers with more info. Don’t do that! Long, detailed texts don’t look good in SMS bubbles and can get annoying for a user. Instead, try keeping your messages within 160 characters – yes, that short! Effective messaging necessitates concision.

3. Send strong, keyword-ridden texts

Because you’re already sending such short messages, every word (nay, every character!) counts. Use action words and important keywords that help the reader understand the message.

4. Personalise messages according to user identity

When asking people to sign up for a subscription, you want to capture their identity or contact. Based on the data gathered, group them into categories and create personalised SMS. That fit the needs and interests common in those categories. This way you will get a better response since it is more custom for the needs of the recipient.

5. Incorporate live chat features

If possible, being able to do a live chat with your services can make the user experience better. Won’t any client love to receive live feedback on updates about their purchases and the like?

6. Send exclusive SMS offers

Incentivize SMS subscriptions by sending promotional offers that are exclusive to SMS subscribers! Discounts and offers are the best to keep your customers looking forward to the next message.

7. Send confirmation texts and reminders

Make your SMS functions more useful by not only promoting your services. But also sending sale confirmations, or sending deadline reminders, and other important dates.

8. Do countdowns

For important events, it will be useful to do countdowns to remind customers. You might start 10 days or even 15 days before – up to you!

9. But don’t spam!

If you send too many messages, you risk annoying the subscribers and losing them. Try sending at most one message a day. And during a week, leave some days when you don’t send messages at all. If your event or offer is very good, they will still remember you without pinging them always.

10. Collect feedback

To improve your SMS or general company services, you might ask for feedback and collect such user data to further personalise messages and offers.


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