Why is SMS Marketing still the most cost-effective advertising tool?

Why is SMS Marketing still the most cost-effective advertising tool?

Why is SMS Marketing still the most cost-effective advertising tool?

We all know reducing advertising costs while maximizing audience reach is critical, and while some stick to traditional marketing strategies, it's recommended that brands take advantage of cost-effective approaches such as SMS advertising. For example, SMS advertising in Dubai and the UAE is preferred for most brands to reach their audience because it has an expansive reach, provides excellent ROI, and is a great cost-effective marketing tool. Especially, in the health sector, SMS advertising is a necessity in their marketing and promotion.

As a brand, you need to meet customers where they are spending the most time. It is the fastest and most cost-effective way to engage. In the UAE, 93% of the population uses their mobile devices to access the internet. Consumers are not putting their phones down, and as a result, they are making more mobile purchases than ever.


It is clear—brands need to communicate with consumers on their phones. This is where SMS advertising (short message service) or texting comes in.

And a seasoned SMS advertising agency in Dubai is what you will need to achieve your target at the most cost-effective costs.

Reasons Why SMS Messaging is a Cost-Effective Advertising Tool

  1. An email has always been considered a golden marketing tool. However, inboxes are now overrun with promotional emails, and a 22% open rate is now considered a successful email campaign. SMS messaging has a 99% open rate. And SMS advertising in Dubai is regulated by authorities making it a credible form of medium. 
  2. Consider operational expenses. Both retail marketing strategies may seem comparable in price between production and distribution costs for SMS and email marketing. However, with email marketing’s average open rate, it will be a more costly option.
  3. SMS messaging is the more cost-effective option if you consider the time spent creating messages and engaging in a marketing campaign. It’s faster to make a short text message than a complete email with HTML and graphics. SMS blasts often come with higher open and response rates leading to better ROI for brands.
  4. SMS shots are compatible with landing page URLs or mini-websites that can collect recipients’ contact details with their authorization as it they submit their details voluntarily and make their phone number “subscribed” to receive offers and promos from the sender. 

SMS messaging is also compatible with WhatsApp API linking recipients directly from the SMS message to the WhatsApp number of the sender. This makes it more convenient for consumers to respond and reach out to the sender. 

Why Should Brands Consider SMS Messaging as Part of Their Advertising Campaigns?

1. Consumers engage with SMS faster than any other marketing channel

It is one of the most direct and immediate channels available, with a 97% read rate within 15 minutes of delivery, compared to the 90 minutes it takes, on average, for someone to reply to an email.

A whopping 45% of marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI.


2. SMS can integrate with other channels

A holistic advertising campaign means better brand resonance. Your brand must have consistent messaging and promotion across all channels. While SMS is a standalone channel, it can enhance and support other channels, such as social media, landing pages, WhatsApp, and email.

3. Brands can learn more about their customers

Using SMS messaging is a great way to collect feedback from customers in the form of surveys. Studies show that 31% of consumers usually respond to a survey sent via SMS, with a five-minute average response time.

4. SMS messaging helps you engage with customers faster

Most consumers are now familiar with receiving text messages from businesses they frequent. They no longer feel annoyed if they get the occasional promo text as long as enterprises vary the type of content they send out—from the latest update, sales-related offers such as vouchers, discounts, promotions, or even birthday messages.

5. Increase brand recognition through SMS messaging

Hashtags and shortcodes are one of the many innovations for brand resonance. Using this strategy is effective in SMS marketing since text messages are short and straight to the point. Using shortcodes help your customers become familiar with your brand and keyword.

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